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Alaka Mahabidyalaya

Alaka Mahabidyalaya standing proudly on the bed of the pristine Alaka river is spread over an area of 17 acres.

The Institution is the brain-child of some enlightened minds of the locality, who strived to fill void in the sphere of higher education in the area. Its foundation and development is a tribute to the efforts of enterprising locals whose higher aspirations and lofty ideals take a concrete shape in establishing this fascinating seat of learning. Recalling the institution’s history and progress chastens the mind.

A public meeting of eminent citizens of the locality was held on 20th Nov. 1978 at Anantabata, Anakhia to chalk out plan of action for setting up a College in the area.

Late Sri Radhamohan Mohanty, A.D.M (Retd.) of Parabatipur presided over the meeting. At the meeting it was decided to set up a Governing Body for the purpose. Sri Radhamohan Mohanty was unanimously selected as the president of the Governing Body. Sri Darpanarayan Das was selected as the Secretary. On the basis of efforts undertaken by the Governing body, a noble soul gifted 14.25 acres of land for the College. Sustained efforts were undertaken to moblise funds from villages around Anantabata and from other noble persons. Further, attempts were made to acquire land from the Government and other sources on the basis of lease and gift deeds.

Dr Radhanath Rath, Editor of ‘The Samaj’ inaugurated the College on 24th August 1979 in the presence of Late Sri Pratap Chandra Mohanty, Ex-Minister of Revenue. The College started and classes were held in the thatched house from 25th August 1979.

Concurrence was received form the Government to open Intermediate Arts Classes with History, Political Science, Economics and Oriya as optional subjects from the academic session 1980-81. The College started with the sanctioned strength of 128 with 7 members of teaching staff and three members of non-teaching staff. Permission was received from the Govt. for increasing sanctioned strength from 128 to 192 and opening Sociology and Education with 32 sears each. From the session 1983 – 84, transition from I.A. to +2 course
took place. Consequently, strength increased in +2 Arts from 192 to 256 from the session 1988-89. Consequently its sanctioned strength increased to 128 from the session 1990-91. The College was permitted to open +3 Arts with 64 seats from the session 1985-86 which was further increased to 128 seats from the session 1986-87.

Sri Gangadhar Rath, former Advocate General assumed charges of president, Governing Body at its meeting held on 8th December 1979. Sri Radhamohan Mohanty became the Secretary.

Their sustained endeavour and untiring efforts resulted in collection of funds from generous persons that led to the setting up of the main building ‘LAXMIDHAR SATAPATHY MEMORIAL BLOCK’.

Eventually, the enterprising advocate in his mission of infrastructure development of the institution succeeded in motivating some eminent contractors and industrialists to donate generously for the noble purpose of enlightening the young minds of the locality and his efforts to achieve this bore fruits with the construction of “Budharaj Block” which was donated by Mr Jagadish Chandra Budharaj.

With the opening of the Science stream from the session 1988-89, a separate SCIENCE BLOCK was erected to fulfill the need.

Since then the College has been marching ahead increasing its strength to an amazing extent. It has been functioning as a degree College from the session 1985-86. Mr. Bishnu Das, M.L.A.. Jagatsinghpur became the president of the Governing Body on 22nd April 1992.

Under the dynamic leadership of the president, governing body, efforts were made to increases seats in +3 Arts from the previously sanctioned 128 to 256. the role of Sri Bishnu Das for opening Science in +3 stage is commendable, his contribution for opening of Honours in five subjects Viz. History, Political Science,Economics, Sociology and Education is praiseworthy. From 13th Dec. 1996, Sri P.K.Mohapatra (I.A.S.) Collector, Jagatsinghpur assumed charges of president by the order of Govt.. The young talented person devoted his valuable time to make it a progressive and prosperous institution of the locality. With the aid of the Govt. the College is able to construct a separate new Block meant for lecture class. On April, 1998, the college constructed separate Library hall known as ‘SUBRAT MEMORIAL HALL’ with the nominal aid of Biridi Block, and the sanctioned amount of U.G.C. ws utilized for the purchase of library books.

On 30th April, 1998, Sri Niten Chandra I.A.S. Collector, Jagatsinghpur, assumed the charge of Presidentship of the college. A women’s hostel was under construction during his tenure as president of the college. Sri Sarbeswar Mohanty, I.A.S., Collector, Jagatsinghpur took over the charge of ‘Presidentship’ on 02. 01. 2000 and continued upto 06.05.2002. he was succeeded by Sri K.C.Mohapatra, I.A.S. Collector, Jagatsinghpur and Continued up to 21. 08. 2002.

Sj. Bishnu Das, M.L.A., Jagatsinghpur again took over the charge of (Presidentship) on dt. 21. 08. 2002 and continued upto dt. 09-06-2004. Sj. Bishnu Prasad Sahoo, Sub-Collector, Jagatsinghpur assumed the charge of Presidentship of the college on dt. 09. 06. 2004 and continued up to dt. 31. 08. 2005. At Present Sj. Bishnu Das, Minister, School and Mass Education, Orissa is functioning as the president of the college. The college is highly optimistic that it will flourish more under the guardianship of this personality.

The College has celebrated its Silver Jubilee, a four days-long (10-01-2005 – 13-01-2005) colourful function in a grand manner with full participation and involvement of members of the G.B., staff, Students, Old Students of the college and local people. As a matter of fact, the college has been observing it’s foundation day on 24th August of each year since 2005.

The people of the locality are looking forward to a future when the college will become a leading institution of higher learning between Cuttack and Jagatsinghpur.


1. Sri Radhamohan Mohanty 20. 11. 78 to 08. 12. 78
2. Sri Gangadhar Rath 09. 12. 79 to 06. 04. 88
3. Sri Laxman Mallick 07. 04. 88 to 17. 01. 89
4. Sri Gangadhar Rath 18. 01. 89 to 22. 04. 92
5. Sri Bishnu Das 22. 04. 92 to 31. 05. 95
6. Sri Nanda Kishore Mohanty 09. 07. 96 to 12. 12. 96
7. Sri P.K.Mohapatra, I.A.S. 13. 12. 96 to 30. 04. 98
Collector, Jagatsinghpur
8. Sri Niten Chandra, I.A.S. 30. 04. 98 to 02. 01. 2000
Collector, Jagatsinghpur
9. Sri Sarbeswar Mohanty, I.A.S. 02. 01. 00 to 06. 05. 2002
10. Sri Krushna Ch. Mohjapatra, I.A.S. 06. 05. 02 to 21. 08. 2002
11. Sri Bishnu Das 21. 08. 02 to 09. 06. 2004
M.L.A. OF Jagatsinghpur
12. Sri Bishnu Prasad Sahoo 10 .06. 04 to 31. 08. 2005
Sub-Collector, Jagatsinghpur
13. Sri Bishnu Das 01. 09. 05 to 21.03.08
14. Sri Muralidhar Mallick, Sub-Collector, Jgatsinghpur, 21.03.08 to 30.10.2011 .
15. Sri Brajabandhu Bhola, Sub-Collector , Jagatsinghpur 31.10.2011 to 26.06.2012 and Sri Bishnu Das, Hon’ble , MLA, Jagatsinghpur 27.06.2012 to Continuing .


  1. Sub-Collector , Jagatsinghpur , Special Officer
  2. Dr Biswajit Ray, Principal cum Secretary


1. Sri Sricharana Das 24. 08. 1979 to 05. 01. 1980
2. Sri Akshya Ku. Mohapatra 06. 01. 1980 to 30. 06. 1981
3. Sri Nayana Nanda Das 01. 07. 1981 to 31. 01. 1981
4. Sri Ramesh Chandra Roul 01. 11. 1981 to 04. 10. 1983
5. Sri Ajay Kumar Mohanty 04. 10. 1983 to 16. 03. 1985
6. Sri Bhramarbar Padhiari 17. 03. 1985 to 16. 04. 1990
7. Sri Gadadhar Mishra 16. 04. 1990 to 30. 09. 1991
8. Sri Sarada Ch. Mohanty 30. 09. 1991 to 31. 07. 1999
9. Sri Pradymna Kumar Lenka 31. 07. 1999 to 12. 11. 1999
10. Sri Naba Kishore Das 12.11.1999 to 31.01.2005
11. Dr. Uttam Ch. Nayak, M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D 31. 01. 2005 to 30. 90.2007
12. Dr Sudarsan Satapathy, Principal (I/C ) 30.09.2007 to 31.01.2010.
13. Sri Pradyuman Kuamr Lenka, Principal (I/C), 01,02,2010 to 01.03.2010.
14. Maj SK Mohiuddin , Principal , 02.03.2010 13.10.2010 ……
15. Sri P.K. Lenka, Principal (I/C) 14.10.2010 to 02.06.2011
16. Sri P.K. Lenka , Principal on 03.06.2011 to 31.03.2013
17. Dr. Basanti Singh, 01.04.2013 to 31.01.2015
18. Smt Swarna Prava Nanda , 01.02.2015 to 31.05.2018
19. Sri Banamali Behera, 31.05.2018 to 30.09.2019
20. Dr. Biswajit Ray, Principal 01.10.2019 Continue……

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